How We Do It

We execute our curriculum by running the following programmes:

School Program

The concept of One All is to work with one private school and one public school at the same time through the year. End of each term, we aim to bring everyone together from different schools to learn different values by sharing the experience through Ultimate Frisbee. We ensure each of our facilitators have a maximum of 15 children to make sessions more interactive and participatory.

Community Program

A community is a place where we can reach out to most marginalized youth such as school dropouts, teenagers who are married early, youth who have a habit of substance abuse, etc. Additionally, adolescents are often under pressure by social and gender stereotyping. We start with building a rapport with youth through meeting community leaders. We aim to empower most marginalized population which leads to them becoming leaders to build a healthy community for the next generation.

Capacity Building Program

We also look at training people who understand the One All philosophy and replicate the value and life education in their communities and schools to create a sustainable model.

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