“Finding your true colour through sport”

For us, ‘colour’ represents one’s values. Our values form our identity. Most often, values are shaped by how society views gender, culture, class, caste and physical/intellectual ability. The number of opportunities and it’s accessibility is dependent on what circumstance a person is born into.

We believe that these value systems are formed during youth. The weight of society’s expectations are felt the most when children reach puberty. This is based on societal practices and belief systems. Society influences many things during a person’s formative years – through social media, television, films and advertising. Unique ideas, healthy curiosity and creativity are often labelled by society as being unnecessary and people who stand up for it are discouraged.

We, at One All, engage youth to build identity, develop empathy and bridge gender gaps. We then guide them to apply these values to develop life skills.

The One All dandelion is what encompasses this philosophy. Each seed of the dandelion is a different colour that represents a child who is aware of and accepts their own identity. When the time comes for the ‘seed’ to fly, we hope that they influence others to also find their true colours.

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