What We Do


We use Ultimate Frisbee as a tool to teach value education to youth.

Ultimate Frisbee is a self-refereed, mixed gender, non-contact sport. The objective is to pass a disc with in the team in order to secure it in a goal zone.

 The inbuilt qualities of the sport that make it a perfect tool for value education are:

Non-contact sport: there’s no physical roughness on the field

  •  Encourages heightened awareness of surroundings
  • Compels players to be mindful of their actions

Mixed-gender sport: everyone plays together, which

  • Increases gender sensitivity
  • Empowers girls
  • Encourages gender equality

Self-refereed sport: players own the game

  • Necessitates team members to know rules
  • Inculcates a spirit of fairness
  • Encourages effective communication
  • Leads players to identify, understand and express feelings

Value Education is what we want to impart with our curriculum.

We have designed a curriculum that integrates life skill development with sport and is complementary to conventional education systems. Our aim is to create a fun and friendly learning environment to spread knowledge and spark discussions on gender, personality, society, stereotyping and sexuality among others.

Our curriculum is based on spheres of interpersonal growth:

We deal with INDIVIDUAL awareness, then move on to relationships with FAMILY & FRIENDS and finally go to the understanding of our SOCIETY & the INFORMATION being thrown at us every day.

The lessons in our curriculum touch upon these topics:


To identify and handle emotions; to manage actions arising from these emotions


To strengthen interpersonal relationships and tackle peer pressure


To discover, accept and embrace yourself; to develop communication and decision-making skills


To educate about puberty and reproduction

Sex & Sexuality

To deliberate the social stigma surrounding sex and the issue of sexual abuse

Gender Equity

To overcome gender stereotypes and shun violence


To deal with rejection from the opposite sex; to discuss marriage and societal norms

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