The Reason We’re Here
We have seen Ultimate Frisbee bring people together in so many different ways. The intrinsic values that the sport has helps people overcome all sorts of obstacles.

These are just a few of those stories.

1. Gender

“This is the new fashion!”


Gayathri and Ganesh fight a lot, but once they share dinner every night, they go to sleep as good friends. When the siblings first began playing Ultimate Frisbee, the fear of family and relatives prompted Gayathri to dress in churidars. Ganesh was also uncomfortable with the idea of his sister dressed in shorts and worried about the community’s reaction. Now if anyone questions her sports clothes, he says confidently, “This is the new fashion!”

2. Age

           “Frisbee creates an equal platform, regardless of age.”         


Ruby played Frisbee for the first time at a tournament organized by the NGO she works for. Even though her daughter Rabiya was in the opposite team, the 12-year old constantly coached and encouraged Ruby. Now Ruby believes that Frisbee creates an equal platform, irrespective of age.

3. Infrastructure

“All we need is a disc

  and a little space.”


The lack of a proper sports ground did not deter the students of Vidyodaya in Gudalur from playing Frisbee. The children used a small, triangular patch of land surrounded by trees and marked their own boundaries to make a perfectly good play area.

4. Different Backgrounds

“They don’t look at me as a coconut seller, but as a friend”


“The first time I came to know about Frisbee was when I was selling coconuts at Besant Nagar beach eight years ago. The players would stop by for coconut water at my stall after practice. They were very friendly and asked me if I wanted to join them. I like playing Frisbee because the players are very nice and I don’t feel like there’s a gap between us. They don’t look at me as a coconut seller, but as a friend.

“Frisbee provided me with a safe and healthy environment.”


“The stress and pressure of competitive cross running created an unhealthy environment for me in high school and college. Shortly after, I began playing Frisbee on a non-competitive women’s team and this provided a safe and healthy environment. Here I found happiness and acceptance for who I truly was. Now, I’m a teacher and Frisbee coach. I teach Frisbee to students of diverse backgrounds in Chennai as part of an after-school program. Frisbee has instilled in me the confidence to teach and pass on to others what the sport has given to me.”

“Though we come from separate backgrounds, we can still be friends.”


 When I started playing Frisbee, I felt that the English-speaking players dressed in fashionable clothes come from families that are very different to mine. I felt like they wouldn’t talk to me. Once we started playing, we also started talking, and I realised that though we come from separate backgrounds, we can still be friends.”

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